About us

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Who are we?

WonderfulTerrarium WonderfulTerrarium came to life from our desire to bring people closer to the beauty of nature, no matter where they are: at home, at the office, in a hotel or at a restaurant.

Our unique handmade gardens, designed with lots of imagination and creativity, are a modern reinterpretation of the splendid Victorian gardens.

Designed in a glass bowl with LED lights in multiple colours, the WonderfulTerrarium micro-gardens contain a range of natural succulents which are not pretentious and which are very easy to grow. We assorted them with attractive decorations, such as miniature objects, fine sand, sea shells or natural stones.

We started from the idea that we cannot imagine a space without plants (either at home, or at the office etc.), because they give life to every place and provide a state of wellbeing. In the end, we added the LED lights which, associated to the succulents, is extremely necessary for their growth and give an extra visual impact, unique and extremely relaxing, depending on the type of light you choose.

Why are out products (terrariums) unique?

The wide variety of customization and the creativity we show in designing, to which we add the visual impact of the LED lights, necessary to the succulents, provide the entire ecosystem with a totally unique, special and relaxing feature – “the little green paradise”.

Our customers can choose, upon request, the type of stand, the size of the bowl for the terrarium, the types of plants and accessories, as well as the preferred colour of light. Thus, you can choose from:

3 types of stands used for bowls: desk lamp-type (USB connectivity and intensity-control potentiometer included), chandelier-type (ceiling mount) and wall lamp-type (wall mount).

3 bowl sizes: small (diameter: 12 cm), medium (diameter: 15 cm) and large (diameter: 20 cm)

5 types of LED light: warm white, cold white, blue, red and RGB

– Various types of succulents

– Certain tones of sand/gravel and a wide range of customized accessories.

Our handmade flower arrangements are made to resist for a long period of time, with minimal maintenance. We only work with import plants and use natural gravel and sand, without colour agents.

What are the benefits of terrariums?

Minigardens designed in glass bowls date back to the Victorian age and demonstrate the way an ecosystem works, because inside the glass walls there are various processes that take place and interact: photosynthesis, respiration, natural water cycle. They represent a solution to the problem of dry air indoors because a terrarium is maintained in a very humid environment.

– The plants purify the air, which helps stimulate the immune system

– They change the room ambiance and improve our state of well-being

– The little green paradise can change our state of mind, helps reduce daily stress and improve our tonus

– They are beneficial to our health because are capable of absorbing the pollution generated by cigarette smoke, chloroform, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene

– The green colour helps reduce blood pressure

– They reduce the quantity of polluting gases in the air, eliminate unpleasant smells and absorb radiation emitted by electronic devices (TV sets, desktops, printers)

– The healing power of a terrarium comes more from a person’s interaction with it, rather than by simply watching and admiring it

– It is a plus of colour and life to our homes and offices

– To children, they represent an activity that makes them responsible, a very good way of learning more about biological processes and natural systems. How do plants grow? What exactly do they need to live? What is an ecosystem? All these questions can be explored informally by studying an “under-glass garden”

– And, last but not least, the WonderfulTerrarium gardens are decorative “objects” of very high impact and can be the perfect gift for those allergic to pollen.

What is the range of use of the WonderfulTerrarium minigardens?

Our terrariums are handmade and can be customized for any occasion:

– your perfect and original present for the dear ones

customized corporate green presents: loyalization of partners, employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the perfect products to decorate office rooms, meeting rooms, reception desks, hotels, restaurants, cafés etc.

events: favours and arrangements for wedding and christening parties, wonderful arrangements for specific thematic events; the perfect decoration for participation booths in various events;

– the perfect present on holidays: Valentine’s Day, the 1st of March, the 8th of March, Easter, St. Mary’s Day, Christmas and other thematic and seasonal events.

We strongly believe in the positive impact of the WonderfulTerrarium natural gardens, irrespective of whether you choose to offer these products as presents, to transform them into wedding favours or you simply decide to decorate your office or home with them. These gardens can even be customized upon request with various tones of LED light, various types of succulents, respectively decorative accessories.