Events: weddings, christenings, own booths!

07/07/2017 By Wonderful Terrarium 0

Very attractive and of interest to collaborators is also the association of WonderfulTerrarium gardens with wedding favours or wedding and christening presents, as well as the presence of these products as decorations for the locations where such events are organized and also for other specific thematic events. In case of special events, customized products can be either sold or rented throughout the event. We also like to be present at various events (the latest project where we had our own booth was the Bookfest International Book Fair, Bucharest – Romexpo, June 1st – 5th, 2016) and to be able to promote this idea of “the little green paradise” which is based on the idea of an ecosystem, which is unique in Romania, by adding the LED lights, as well as the wonderful world of succulents that do not require special care and maintenance.

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