coffee time (15 cm glass globe size)

10/07/2017 By Wonderful Terrarium 0

* Mini-gardens with natural succulents in LED glass globes:
– Wonderful ECO gifts on any occasion!
– Decorative objects of great impact, 100% customized, upon request!
– Attention lies in detail …briefly: comfort and style!

Even more so because we can customize them, upon request, depending on:
– the glass globe size (12cm/15cm/20cm)
– the type of glass globe stand or hanger wanted: table/desk lamp-type (USB connectivity); chandelier-type (220V) or wall lamp-type (220V)
– the LED light colour: warm white (4000K), cold white (6000K), blue, red or RGB (LED power: 1W/3W/5W)
– a wide variety of natural succulents, extremely resistant and very easy to care
– multiple tones of decorative sand/gravel, plus the wanted accessories (including customized messages written on tree bark, sea shells, wooden tablets, stones etc.)

The WonderfulTerrarium mini-gardens bring, while ensuring a state of wellbeing and adding extra colour and relaxation to your homes and offices.

“The little green paradise” is the perfect present that brings nature closer and give life to any place, add smiles and joy to your dear ones and is a beautiful and original way of saying THANK YOU!

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