Your perfect gift for the dear ones!

07/07/2017 By Wonderful Terrarium 0

WonderfulTerrarium natural gardens can be your perfect and original gift with which you will never fail, no matter the occasion. Our handmade terrariums can be customized upon request, depending on the type of stand or hanger wanted (table lamp-type, chandelier-type or wall lamp-type), on the bowl size (diameter of 12cm/15cm/20cm), on the type of succulent and accessories chosen, respectively, on the light colour the customer prefers (warm white, cold white, blue, red or RGB) and which is necessary for succulent plants to live.

WonderfulTerrarium products are unique in design, composition and visual impact and provide nature lovers with ideas of custom-made eco gifts, while adding the LED lighting system to the classical succulent plant terrariums.

Succulent plants offered as gifts are ideal on any occasion and they represent the symbol of life, hope, growth and continuity.

Handmade decorations, the WonderfulTerrarium minigardens are symbolic presents of great impact which bring colour and joy to your dear ones and make a beautiful and original way of saying “thank you!” Benefit from our special terrariums, say “thank you” with a well-chosen Eco gift and friendship or love will get new dimensions.

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